Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh Look! Shiny!

Oh Look!  Shiny!

I attended MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) annual conference, March 17 & 18 with Fruitport Community School’s Technology Team. We are in the midst of a district wide technology adoption that includes ‘smart carts’ for every classroom. There are five of us piloting a cart with different components in each of our five buildings.

While attending one of Leslie Fisher’s sessions, she talked about how easy it is to get lost in what you’re doing when working with technology on the web.  I think she called it AD-LS—attention deficit—Oh LOOK! SHINY! And, before you know it, you’ve navigated away from the page you were working on and are off looking at the next “shiny” site on the web.  I experience that routinely, so what a relief that I’m not alone!

Now that I’ve returned home, and am trying to synthesize my MACUL experience, it’s been one “Oh Look! Shiny” episode after another. For now, I’m going to post a rough list of the sessions I attended along with links to their websites.

Adam Garry
Link to other speaker handouts

Here’s the outcome of one of those Look Shiny! Moments--Simpsonized an Avatar for myself! And, I created a Wordle from text in this post (above).
Kathy's Simpsonized Avatar

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